Justin Timberlake: FutureSex / LoveShow Live From Madison Square Garden (Blu-ray + DVD) Формат: Blu-ray (PAL) (Подарочное издание) (Slim case) Дистрибьютор: SONY BMG Russia Региональный код: А, B, С Звуковые инфо 2680p.

От издателя Lights, 43 cameras, action! Relive the hottest concert of 2007 - Justin Timberlake's Futuresex / Loveshow Experience what really went on behind the scenes in never-before broadcast footage from tбющвфhe live HBO special at Madison Square Garden in the complete 90-minute bonus disc Featuring intimate song-by-song commentary from Timberlake, backstage outtakes, the expanded making-of-the-tour interview, extended pre-show footage and provocative under-the stage camerвлктдa angles Includes the remix video of his smash hit "Loverstoned" Futuresex / Loveshow: 01 Opening Conversation 02 Futuresex / Lovesound 03 Like I Love You 04 My Love 05 Senorita 06 Sexy Ladies 07 Until The End Of Time 08 What Goes Around Comes Around 09 Chop Me Up 10 Intermission - JT & Timbaland 11 Rock Your Body 12 Gone (medley) 13 Take It From Here (medley) 14 Last night (medley) 15 Damn Girl 16 Summer love 17 Losing my way 18 Cry Me a River 19вспыт Lovestoned 20 Sexyback 21 (Another song) All Over Again 22 Goodnights & Credits Режиссер: Марти Коллнер Продюсер: Рэндал Гладстеин Дополнительные материалы Bonus DVD The Making Of Futuresex / Loveshow Open Mic 1 on 1 With JT Under The Stage Bonus Video Track: Lovestoned - Justice re-mix DvD Credits Хронометраж: 88 минут, Звуковая дорожка: Английский Dolby Digital 20 Режиссер Марти Коллнер Marty Callner Актер Джастин Тимберлейк (Исполнитель) Justin Timberlake Justin Randall Timberlake .